Apettitos Restaurant Online & Mobile Orders System

Apettitos Restaurant Online & Mobile Orders System

Apps, Facebook, Twitter & Web!

Apettitos offers an unique service for Latin American Restaurants.

Including the creation, promotions and designs of their offers in Social Media Networks. Monitoring and analysis of the results of their promotions and monthly report of the results

We’ll installed a tablet in your restaurant with our system where orders placed by your customers from the restaurant’s Facebook page, website, mobile App, Twitter and Carlos Food Shout mobile App and website are sent directly to each restaurant’s tablet in “Real-Time” and are monitored by a restaurant’s employee to ensure the orders would be ready for pickup or delivery. (Contact us for more information)

SambaPOS Restaurant Management System

SambaPOS Restaurant Management System

Stay One Step Ahead

Advanced Features

SambaPOS is the only restaurant management software developed to help you run your business the way you want to. Advanced features give your business the tools to serve your customer’s needs.

Kitchen Screens

Build great looking kitchen screens and make them work how you imagined them.

Tableside Ordering

Merge tables, split bills, offer discounts, or track number of guests while taking orders directly from your tables.


Other sub systems and software can be integrated easily. Payments can be received by many POS devices.

Carlos Food Shout (Restaurant's Food Promotions)

Carlos Food Shout (Restaurant's Food Promotions)

Carlos Food Shout Works!

Carlos Food Shout promotes and publishes the food dishes that are offered as special discounts from Latin American Restaurant menus on CarlosFoodShout.com (a semi-clone of Foursquare.com) and on our selected Social Media Channels.

You only need to give us information of the food meals you want to promote and our Art Department, Marketing and Social Media Marketing Departments are responsible for performing all the work for your restaurant without any additional charges.

We’ll design and create promotions, and post them on CarlosFoodShout.com and on all our Social Media Channels.

Restaurant Custom Website For Order Online

Restaurant Custom Website For Order Online

Website Orders Online

Accept Orders Directly Through Your Website Today!.

Whether you want one of our custom, responsive, search engine-optimized sites, or you would simply like to add functions to your existing web pages, we have the right solution for your restaurant.

We’ll integrate your website with our Apetittos Order System. The orders will be receive at your restaurant in Real-Time at the moment your customers place them from your website!.

Social Media Marketing For Restaurants

Social Media Marketing For Restaurants

Not on Social Media Yet?

Adding social media to your marketing mix can hugely increase awareness about your restaurant, generate motivated engagement with your food, and get you more customers at your tables.


Social media is often where customers go to brag about great meals they just ate, ask questions about restaurants, and complain about meals that didn’t go well.


Social media is perfect for this! Tweeting about your happy hour, posting pictures of your entrees on Instagram, and telling your Facebook fans about your new specials are all awesome ways to get the word out about what you have to offer.

Facebook's Business Pages

Facebook's Business Pages

Turn Those Likes Into Orders!

Let Our Facebook Order Online Widget do The Order Processing!

Post mouth-watering photos with the latest menus discounts, and let your followers order right on Facebook. Your page fans just love sharing food stuff with their friends.

Having a restaurant menu Facebook app gives the customer the ability to browse through your menu without ever leaving your Facebook page. Which means people have the constant chance to get on your restaurant’s Facebook page and place an order using the Food Ordering App.

Mobile Apps Development

Mobile Apps Development

Order Food From Anywhere!

Today, a mobile app for your restaurant has become a way of branding a business and reaching out to more targeted customers. Smartphones and Tablets have become an eminent part of our lives. Restaurants apps have become the latest trend all across the world.

A restaurant app can help you in reaching your potential customers 24 hours a day. And, that's why businesses involved in the restaurant and food business are taking advantage of this technology.

Let me start generally - 94% of smartphone users check for places in the neighborhood, as a result, 90% of them act within 24 hours. That’s rather impressive, isn’t it?
Augmented Reality Marketing For Restaurants

Augmented Reality Marketing For Restaurants

Make Paper Menus Interactive


Today the restaurant paper menus has been given life with augmented reality technology… Now when you’re browsing the menu you are able to see how your favorite “Carne Asada” it's been cook. Read the list of ingredients of any dish in the menu. Check for any Coupon or Lunch Discount on the menu. The Chef dish choice of the day! And much more..

Restaurant owners can engage with their customers by allowing them to scan the logos, dishes on menu or advertisements in the newspapers, flyers and magazines and experience the food process and explore the restaurant itself on their smartphones and tablets.
Reach Your Customers Instantly! With Text Message Marketing..

Reach Your Customers Instantly! With Text Message Marketing..

Text Your Lunch Special!.

Your Restaurants often offer a daily special the chef may create that morning. How can you let your customers know what is the special of the day? Text Message Marketing!

MORE EFFECTIVE THAN SENDING EMAILS 98% open rates for text compared to 15-20% for email.

PERSONAL AND EVERYWHERE 91% of all Americans have their mobile device within reach 24/7.

IMMEDIATE 90% of texts read within 15 minutes of receiving them. For the average user, it takes 90 seconds to respond.

BETTER COUPON REDEMPTION RATES Mobile coupons get 10x the redemption rate of traditional coupons.

Push Notification Marketing For Your Restaurant

Push Notification Marketing For Your Restaurant

Push Restaurant Coupons

Alert your customers of weekly specials, discounts, new menu items, and promotions. Geo-Targeted Push Notifications can be sent to App users near your Restaurant to entice them with coupons and specials.

Push Notifications Have a Much Higher Open Rate Compared to Emails.


Send personalized Push Notifications and bring customers back to your "Restaurant"

What is Proximity Marketing & Advertising For Restaurants?

What is Proximity Marketing & Advertising For Restaurants?

Restaurants Proximity Marketing

You're running to grab lunch quickly and pick a place nearby that you frequently go. You usually order a carne asada torta an horchata drink.

While you're waiting in line, head down, sending emails from your phone, you get a Push Notification from your lunch spot telling you about the new sandwich special they have on the menu this week.

Guess what!, it's a creative take on the carne asada you love so much AND it comes with an horchata drink.

Instantly, what could have been a stressful lunch focused on utility turns into a happy experience you can appreciate.

Your restaurant need a technology that will automate the task of customer acquisition and tracking in Real­-Time

Advertising Specialty Products For Your Restaurant Promotions

Advertising Specialty Products For Your Restaurant Promotions

Promote With Ad Specialties

We merge products and technology to work seamless. Imagine a magnet designed with your restaurant information. Then we’ll apply our Augmented Reality Technology. Your customer scan it with their cellphone to make it come alive!

Augmented Reality will allow them to browse:

  • Restaurant special of the day
  • Browse the Restaurant menu
  • Send an order to the restaurant
  • And so much more!

We have more than 960,000 advertising specialty items available for your restaurant's promotions

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Apettitos, is our order online system exclusively for Latin American Restaurants. Our mission is to expose the anglo and other nationalities to experience the food flavors and cultures of our Latin American countries.

Apettitos is an advanced and sophisticated system, that it’s able to take customers food orders from:

  • Restaurant’s Apps
  • Restaurant’s Websites
  • Restaurant’s Facebook Pages
  • Restaurant’s Twitter’s Pages* (Thru our restaurant’s POS request more info..)

These orders arrives at the restaurants on a tablet and accessories that we supply to each restaurant.


Carlos Food Shout, was created as the Spokesperson to “Shout Out” the special discounts, coupons and promotions on the dishes that our Latin American restaurants are promoting daily.

Our Advertising and Marketing departments are in-charge of creating custom multi-media Ad campaigns and our Social Media Marketing department is in-charge to manage those restaurant’s promotions. Then Carlos Food Shout post the discounts on CarlosFoodShout.com